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Web Presence – Design and Development

In creating a custom design, we translate your vision into images, colors and placement of content, helping your visitors move forward with your site’s call to action (purchase widget, submit contact information, etc.).

Perhaps the design is already completed? We can take the existing composition and implement it into a fully functional website. Our staff configure and customize software frameworks to provide affordable future-proofed websites.

Many of our clients prefer to save time and on-going fees by managing the content themselves. Facilitating this, we utilize existing Content Management Systems (CMS) to keep projects economical and reduce deployment timelines.

We also take care of clients who want full-service attention and a long-term relationship. Additionally, we are quite comfortable in a consulting relationship, for those seeking peace of mind knowing an expert is only a call away.

We have experience with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, the top three open-source CMS options, and can help in any of those environments. If your project is just starting, we’ll create your Drupal site selecting only the best of the 4,400 available modules to meet your specific need. The majority of our clients prefer Drupal, as it won Packt’s Open Source CMS award more than once.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The literature tells us that most users don’t look past the top few search results. And, if you’re looking for influence and to attract visitors, getting found is critical.

We can help with all that. The best SEO results are the consequence of a long-term strategy and implementation. Even if the available resources only allow for a short-term effort, let’s maximize your results.

Hosting Services

Clients wanting a fast and responsive website can elect for our Linux-based hosting services. By focusing on CMS technologies, we configured our Linux servers to provide increased performance and detailed usage reports.

Custom Programing

Not all projects require a CMS solution. In the cases where it’s warranted, we approach unique challenges with specific programming skills to address that need. While the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack is our strongest area of expertise, we have deployed projects with several different languages and environments including:

  • PHP/Javascript/CSS
  • ASP/.NET
  • ColdFusion
  • MySQL/Micrsoft SQL Server
  • Windows 2003 & 2008

Strategic Web Consulting

If you’re just looking for a second set of eyes on an existing project, we can provide that outside support. We also have software developers and information architects available to process long-term strategies around your technology needs.